Are fertilizers necessary for growing cannabis?

February 13, 2019
Cannabis is one of the misunderstood plants. Growing and using it is illegal in some places. Fortunately, some countries and states in the US allowed the use and growth of cannabis but with some restrictions. If you are planning to grow cannabis, one of the important things you should keep in mind is choosing the best fertilizer.

Every cannabis grower should understand the importance of using the best fertilizer. The type of fertilizer you use can greatly affect the quality of the crop. It is true that cannabis plant can grow in a lot of conditions but if you want to grow the best quality cannabis, then you should use the right fertilizer. By doing so, you will be able to optimize the weight, size, density, potency, and overall quality of buds.

Is using fertilizer necessary?

Cannabis can grow even in the dirt and even without fertilizer or any special nutrients. However, the quality of growth depends on the type of soil as well as the nutrients that come in the soil. In the real world, not all soil contains the highest nutrients. If cannabis doesn’t get the right type and amount of nutrients, their growth will be altered. It leads to a small and airy bud.

Cannabis needs the right blend of nutrients to thrive and this is what fertilizers are good at. Fortunately, there are many fertilizer brands out there and they are specially formulated for cannabis growers. One of the preferred brands of cannabis fertilizer is Advanced Nutrients.

Advanced Nutrients is preferred by professional cannabis growers because its products contain a proprietary blend of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It offers a wide array of products for all types of cannabis growers. So, whether you are growing cannabis in the soil or soilless system like hydroponics, you will surely find a product that matches your cultivating style.

Advanced Nutrients is not a new name. In fact, it has been in business for many decades. All its products underwent rigorous research and testing to make sure that they meet the highest quality standards set by cannabis governing bodies. Mike Straumietis is the pillar of Advanced Nutrients. He built the company from the ground up. In fact, he has been in the business even before cannabis is legalized in other countries and states in America. He puts up a research facility in Los Angeles and employs top researchers and microbiologists. This is to make sure that all its products are specially formulated for the welfare of cannabis growers.

Professional cannabis growers trust only Advanced Nutrients because it is the trademark of quality. The proprietary blend of ingredients is something you can’t find elsewhere. On top of it, Advanced Nutrients provides a 100% guarantee on all its products.